Thursday, 6 November 2014

The joy lies in doing.

The quote on my side bar this morning is "The souls joy lies in doing"  from Percy Bysshe Shelley

Oh so true.  Though I hate having to rip back a project and I hate the waste of time lost when you have to do it, I love the idea that you can do it again, that it is all knitting.  That is the point.

Not that I had to rip back or anything.  The hat is going well, and fits nice on my guys head.  He agrees that it felt nice even though he really wants and orange and yellow and red and black hat.  That hat is up next.  He did say he would wear it till I get the next one ready.  

I hope to have the next one ready before he gets the next hat.  The weekends work is going to be seeing if I can complete a hat this weekend.  If I knit fast enough.  I am heading out fro brunch so smack in the middle of everything, I will get a break, but I expect intense and knitterly.

I hope for a hat too.

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