Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I spent last evening working on hats.  its getting chilly here and I have one fella that I haven't knitted anything for yet.  So this hat has got to get done as soon as possible.  And I am making some headway.

Decreases!  This is just the Perfect Reversible Watchcap, the perfect boy hat in shape and I think function.  Guys of all ages want simple and this is.  It fits close and it is a quick knit.  Even if it did take me many more weeks than it ought if you go by the calendar.  

Because he wasn't completely committed to this purple, I am going to knit a couple others, on with oragnes and the other with yellow.  And there might just be another down the road too, till he gets a hat he likes to wear.  Because when you are 5 you have to like it to wear it.

As I was sitting there, at the end of my knitting evening, I took some pictures of the stuff at my feet.

I always knew that, left to my own devices, the knitting would take over the world.

I can still make it to the sofa, though that is only because the coffee table is there.  Yup, knitting is taking over my world.  

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