Friday, 7 November 2014



And that is that.

I started hat two, and came up with a brilliant idea.  I played a while ago with a technique that worked for knitting in the round.  This hat is going to be perfect for something that needs to be orange and black and yellow and red.  Somewhere in the stash I think I have a ball of solid orange that will go with the ball of solid black.  Then, floating through the hat, as I knit up, there will be squares of other colours.  Square dots of red, and black and yellow and black, and an orange faux isle.

I am debating about staying with the ribbed watchcap pattern.  It fit so gosh darn well, and really is the perfect feeling fit for a boy. 

I guess I have this weekend to sort it out.  And to figure out the technique of the intarsia in the round.

It's a puzzle to figure out and I love knitting puzzles!

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Sel and Poivre said...

That is a fantastically handsome hat!