Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Nest Steps

 My wee house has high ceilings and I love, love, love this. BUT
the fixtures really weren't well thought out.  The light bulb needs replacing and with the complex cover, and high ceilings, I need a full size step ladder and one of my tall sons. Till one of them can get over here to assist, my study is in the dark.  Anything that I do in here has to be done during the day or be doable in lamplight. Thankfully, the wool room has its own light.

Sunday, I spent some time digging out the things I need for part two of this sweet little sweater.
And they look like this.

Embroidery thread, some transfer patterns a tracing pencil, and some tea towels.  The only thing I could not find was my embroidery hoop. Its just a small one, and it could be tucked anywhere.  I've decided to give up and go pick up a new one.  

The flour sack tea towels?  No they are not the fabric I plan to use for the trim.  At least I don't think so.  There is a long history of using this fabric here for dresses.  Maybe it was a Western Canadian thing, but the sacks used to come in pretty coloured gingham and it was a good sturdy fabric.   It might be exactly right for my Cassie to wear something so blended in tradition and old and new.  There is some linen that was brought back for me from Ukraine that would work too.  Yes, I have choices even here.

Mostly though, I took out the towels to practice.  I have a feeling that I am going to need some practice before my needlework is ready for pretty little flowers and stem stitch. It is years and years since I did any amount of embroidery and I want it to look splendid against the sweater.

There are so many things I want to do and it finally feels like I have the time to do them and try them all.  Or at least start thinking about them.

You gotta start somewhere.    Thinking seems like a good place.

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