Monday, 6 October 2014

Knit Much?

Yes.  Yes I do.

The sweater is now looking almost like a sweater.  No more increases on the body so that means we have just a few inches to go before the sleeves. This is the so close I can taste it part of the sweater.

This is where just a few minutes of knitting makes a huge difference, these last few hours of taking a sweater to the finish. It will seem like I am never going to get there, but having the cable switch every 6 rows, means that there is a marker, something that is an easy to knit to mark to make these last long rows feel less endless. 

 I am kind of thinking about taking the little detail, the cabled edge, 

around the front corners and across the bottom.  I am only thinking about it.  I don't have a cable trimming the neck,  I wanted to finish that part with a simple rolled edge, so I might do just the rolled edge across the bottom.  I think it depends how I feel.  Lazy?  Rolled edge.  Energised to knit more cable?  Cable.

It made sense last night when I was working to wonder about the cable, but even as I sit here and type, I realize that yeah, it was a nice idea but it is such a small element that what the sweater gains by having it isn't really a lot.  I will probably go with just the rolled edge.  All bets really are off though, till it happens.  

You just never know what comes off my needles next.

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