Friday, 24 October 2014

A perfect kind of day.

Last weekend a couple of my knitting friends came, for tea.  It was really quite perfect for several reasons.

I had to tidy my house and tuck away the things that were nutsy.  there still is a very large series of piles that need to find their proper home, but each time I clean, that pile gets smaller and more things find proper homes.

The work I did in my wool room the last while, has made a real difference.  I could tuck everything into the wool room and it still looks ordered.  It might be crowded but you can walk to the far end.  Perfect.

I managed to find decent muffins without having to go into Cobs Bakery.    Some things are better left unknown.  It is way to close to me for comfort.

I have realized I should probably have a tea kettle.  Pouring from a pot is just weird.

We knit and had tea and then went to the yarn store down the road.  That is also too close for comfort.  But I have already been in there and really it is quite perfect.

And then I knit a little on what I picked up the yarn store.

This isn't stash.  Honest it isn't.  I needed it to work up a nice warm chunky vest.  I had 4 packages of Prairie Wool, the really chunky stuff that works wonderfully for Cowichan sweaters from Custom Woolen Mills, but not enough for what I wanted.  

I had to laugh at myself over this.  My chilly office is really really driving my knitting.  I hate knitting really chunky things, it is so hard on my hands, but I could not stop myself from starting this.  I am going to work this a few rows at a time so my hands don't get hurt from working on it.  Its going to be one of those sweaters that just magically is finished and I don't really feel I worked on it at all. 

Perfect day.

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