Monday, 27 October 2014

An Honour

I had a really great knitting weekend.  I worked on so many things and made great progress all over the place. In order not to dry up by Thursday, I am not telling you about it!  Bahahahaha (evil laugh)

So I have been working on that blanket for the coffee shop guy.

Completely repaired and it looks just as if it never been undone and that is what I was aiming for.

Just one stitch that was not firmly caught, one stitch that did the large decrease dropping down and affecting 8 stitches below. Isn't it always like that.  One thing affecting so many others. I didn't have any white acrylic in my stash.  I have cream and golds and rusts and orange and red and a deep rich black brown but not anything that would work with this.  I did have some white cotton and a strand of that now anchors the uncaught stitch and is woven deep into the threads of the blanket, almost disappearing as it goes. It won't be loose again.

In between all my knitting this week, I took breaks and I am so pleased to tell you that though I can tell it was a really intensive knitting weekend, it doesn't hurt or even feel over extended.  And that is every knitter's goal, isn't it.

In some of my meandering, I spent more time looking through my stitch dictionaries.  I enjoy looking through these once in a while.  Its such an inspiring thing, to think about.  Collecting these over decades and then knitting up each pattern to see what it would be and then being smart enough to publish them.  and then to think of all the knitters who developed and created these things.  Such lovely combinations of knits and purls and increases and decreases.  
I found this.
I found it.  The blanket is the Lucina Shell pattern.  Page 267 I think it was.  In BW Treasury One.

As I was folding up this heirloom belonging to another family, I thought about how this very large blanket had been knitted by a grandmother who is no longer here and it would now go on to a new great grandchild who may not know their great grandma, but will know comfort from her. I hope that the mom and eventually the child understands how much Grandpa gives when he passed it on to them.

I am so pleased to be part of this blanket.  And even more that you can hardly see I was there.

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Patty Lee said...

You did an amazing job on the Blanket. Congratulations!