Thursday, 23 October 2014

Searching for something different

Every once in a while I change up how I look at things on Ravelry.  You find the most interesting things when you play that way.

Sometimes I go to my stash and click on a yarn, and then look at all the things people have made with that certain yarn.  Its gives you a really great idea of what a yarn is really good at.

I only recently started searching how a friend searches.  She goes to the people page and looks at finished objects or at favourites.  Another of my favourite ways is to look at the activity of some of my groups,  You can search there to refine what you see too.  I love seeing what other people favourite.  It sends me in directions I might otherwise not go and you can find the most amazing things this way.

And then, for a little illumination, well really, a lot, go to the pattern page and search a project tag search.  For the sheer overwhelming beauty of it, you cannot beat the search by using the colorwork tag.  You might not even enjoy colourwork, but you still will enjoy this search.

side note:  I won't tell you how long it took to write this simple post.  I got waylaid at the colourwork search.  It is page after page of page of forgetting how to breathe good projects.  Breathtaking!

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