Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wear a Shawl to Work Every Day

My work office is hot.  Very hot.  We have no air conditioning and it has been hot and stuffy all summer.  Since I started knitting, I have made a point of wearing something knit every single day and there were few days where wearing some knit didn't happen.

Till this year.  

I am not wearing socks right now and most of the time, the days are too hot to wear my collection of pretty shawls.

What I am getting a lot of wear out of, is my small collection of shawls that are not wool.

 A collection of patterns knit in Aurucanica Ruca
 A holden shawlette knit in Drops Lin, now discontinued.  Sadly.
And a Bitterroot shawl knit from 2 skeins of Flaxen, that lovely lovely stuff.

It occurred to me that I need many more of these non wool shawls so long as I keep working at this office.  I was wearing the Holden at the time, and the yarn brushed my bare shoulder as I went down the stairs.  It felt cool and crisp when I was not.  It was the end of the day and I was sticky and hot and I had a little bit of a headache from stale air and to feel something cool and crisp just put the wind back in my sails.  

I would drop what I am knitting on right now, the red sweater, the wee baby pants, the pretty red shawl that reminds me of candy apples.  I would put them down in a flash and knit them right now, but for one small thing.

Its mid August and that means September is right around the corner, and my office is also freezing in cooler weather and I know that I am going to need layers of warm things to make it through winter. 

I will be better prepared for next year.  I really can use just a few more shawls in lovely non woollen yarns in order to hit my stride again, so I can wear a shawl to work every day.  

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