Wednesday, 13 August 2014

And we are off

I find such such satisfaction in knitting.  I sat down and slipped some yarn through a couple of loops of itself and then did it over and over for a while and here we have it.  The beginning of baby overalls.

It is more than just the accomplishment of making a thing though.  In this instance there is the satisfaction of watching the colours play out from that big ball of yarn.  I have absolutely and completely fallen for these colours.  It's one of my favourite combinations though so no shock there for me.  You will see it many more times here and you have seen it before.  

Look at the way this yarn slowly slips between colours, sliding ever so gently from that crisp green at the start to strong clear blues and farther to brilliant vibrant limes.  Sigh.

Complete satisfaction from such a small thing.  Isn't that grand.

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