Friday, 15 August 2014

And speaking of September

After yesterday thinking about the pleasures of shawls that are not wool, I started thinking about sweaters and what I will knit to be warm this winter.  

I know there are several on the go and yes, they will get finished first, but what else will I knit?  

I have so many lovely yarns in my stash.  I woke up thinking of iceland this morning. There is enough Lett Lopi for a lovely sweater.  I might have to purchase a few colours though that can wait till I decide on the pattern for sure.  

I also have enough Plotulopi plates for a couple of sweaters. Again, I might need to buy a few other colours once I pick a sure pattern.  I have a friend who loves this non spun way of knitting, and I am looking forward to trying something with unique fibre.

And If I wanted, I have enough Einband, the laceweight loveliness of Iceland, for a sweater that would be light and dressy and warm, only I don't see a sweater out of my Einband.  I see large shawls to wrap and curl into, large Icelandic shawls but this makes me smile too.

I also woke thinking about a granny square afghan.  One of the boards I read on Ravelry was talking about them last night.  I made one a long time ago, during a long session watching Ken Burns Civil War.  11.5 hours and one big, one great big granny square and I had a blanket, not a heavy one but a very serviceable one.

I have a couple of yarns in excess, and you know, a new afghan made of something wool, something cozy but not overwhelming, might be very nice for snuggling under on cold winter evenings.

These last few weeks have been really hard in so many ways.  I will focus on knitting and yarn and the little things I love and I will get by.  Just thinking about yarns to use this winter makes me feel better. It soothes the rough edges of my soul. Thinking about the treasures in my great big wool closet makes my heart feel a little lighter and makes me feel warm and comforted.

The hard days of summer are done, and I am thinking of September and September looks pretty good.

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