Monday, 25 August 2014

That place

I arrived at that place last night.

That place where I worry I will run out of yarn and be short a leg on my wee pants.

I am pretty sure that I am going to have to add in my extra yarn, but I am also pretty sure that I will have enough yet I know I will run out.  It is the constant play like that, back and forth, that runs through my mind and it makes me nuts.

The last pair I knit, was with a skein of Dream in Colour Smooshy.  I ran out just at the feet so I knit little white socks on to it for feet.  I knit the 'sock' at the base of the foot and made it look like a wee cuff overtop.  Alas, I have no really completed picture but it was very cute.  

The first pair I knit, was Smooshy with Cashmere.  I had two skeins of that and I think I barely broke into the second ball.  It is hard to tell by eye, because I worked with two balls all the way through to avoid any colour pooling.  I should weigh what is left, I suppose but it looks like most of a skein.  

My best guess is that I will run out near the feet again.  I have the option to do the different colour sock thing again, but I have also been looking at some of the other choices out there.  I could snip it just below the ribbing and add a sold blue stripe and graft the body back together.  It sounds worse than it would be to do it.  I could also just add the extra skein of blue Gems fingering weight as stripes throughout the legs.  I could search out another ball of yarn. 

It is a really cute pattern and I do love the way it looks with a big solid stripe at the chest but my lazy bit says, oh go on.  Do the sock feet.  Still we shall see where we get and then make a decision.

Or have it made for me by lack of yarn.

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