Monday, 25 August 2014

Groceries and cooking for one.

I loved cooking when the kids were all in those 'there isn't ever enough food' years.  A big pot of stew could cure all ills and we lived for soup of the week.  Well I lived for soup of the week, a massive post of soup that we would have with grilled cheese one night and then several nights later, with hot dogs or something like that.  I love making massive post of something delicious and rich and aromatic.  It kept the chill of on those long winter nights.  

Cooking for two was hard.  I never quite got the hang of managing a meal that was gone after only 1 sitting.  Mr. Needles had that down to a science.  2 chicken breasts and some grilled veggies?  Voila.  Dinner for two with no leftovers...unless I didn't eat all my chicken.

 But cooking for 1?  Just plain ridiculous. Son2 says you have to buy less and go to the store more often.  Just buy for one meal he says.  

Yeah.  Right.  I went there tonight with that thought in my mind.  That worked until I picked up the cherries.  I picked up the cherries first s it didn't really get past the front door.  I think I will always be a live from my freezer, cook from the pantry sort of person.  The fewer times I go the better off I am.  It is crunch time though.  I so sick of eating in my car at lunch.  It is take lunch to work time.  Sadly we don't have a microwave at the office, but I might just do something to fix that if the boss doesn't fix that for me.  

To that end, I am trying to set up some menus, so that I will force myself to eat a variety of foods and ensure that I get vegetables and fruit in there in decent quantities.   

I am not going to lie here.  I am completely inspired by some cookbooks.  They have been packed away for a long time and I only recently brought them home.  Some cookbooks you say?  Not just some.  

Welcome Home my dear books!  My entire collection of Company's Coming original series cookbooks.  I have them all.  Well except for the new ones from the last 2 years.  I kind of missed those.  I was busy.  I have been wanting to try some new things, only I can't seem to figure out what. I will find something in there somewhere, I am sure.

Of course that leaves me with our perennial problem here at the new Chez Needles.

I seem to be short a bookcase.

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Sandra said...

I get in a rut every now and then -the same things over and over. I peruse my bookshelf full of cookbooks, and get inspired, or watch food network and see what's going on...