Friday, 22 August 2014

All the things

Earlier this year, I was introduced to Hyperbole and a Half, Ali Brosh's inimitable blog.  The phrase All the things, comes straight from there and is well on it's way to becoming a catch phrase for the times.  

A friend gave me a sample card of Einband, the Alafoss laceweight.  I want all the things.  

Just sayin.

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Sigrun said...

Good phrase. I want all the things in the greenhouse done. I want all the things (weeds in the yard) disposed of. I want all the things in the house done(last crown mouldings, and doors varnished) so I can get all the things in the basement done (the ceramic wall and floor tiles in the kitchen and finally distributing the last of mom's possessions to the siblings). And my
To Do list will now be re-named "All the things (I have/want to do today)"