Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday was missing

Well, not really, but it is late.

I woke this morning and just wasn't ready to write and really could not face thinking enough to write.  These days  of summer are so filled with memories that they overwhelm me.  It was also cold and wet and windy and my bed was snug and cozy and oh so very comfy.  I voted for snug and an extra hour of sleep.

Tonight after work, I went to watch the last day of swimming lessons for my older grandson.  He came to sit beside me under my umbrella after he had had his quick shower so all he had to do was jump in the pool.  He had on his brand new orange, with gold lenses, swimming goggles.  It was kind of windy so I told him to snuggle beside me and I would hold Brian's golf umbrella down so he could take shelter under it from the stiff breeze and the rain. 

He looked me straight eye to eye, goggles and all, and said in his oh so serious way, "You really miss Brian, don't you?"  

There is no way to answer such sweet honesty other than with simplicity and truth.  I said "yes, I do".  

And he looked away for a moment and then back at me, with his big orange covered eyes, and said, "Well, you just have to remember that when you die, he will be waiting for you and you will be together."  He smiled the most beatific smile and then the call came, and he ran off to jump in the water.  

It is hard to feel anything but lucky with that little boy in my life. I just hope that in a few dozen years when he is grown and I am gone, he will know just how much sweetness and joy he added to my life with this sweet and thoughtful caring chat.  I hope he knows how very much he was loved.

Friday isn't missing anymore and it really was the most perfect sort of day.  


Mrs. Spit said...

Sending love and hugs.

Sigrun said...

Seems almost sacrilegious to respond to such a beautiful moment. Amen!

Sandra said...

Kids are the best. They see and say things wit such honesty and nothing hidden.
You're very lucky, even when you're missing Brian.