Monday, 28 July 2014

A weekends work

I had a bunch of little things planned for the weekend to help make my home work just that much better.  I failed badly at the first thing I tried, and spent the whole of Saturday afternoon working on my red sweater instead.  I got too enthusiastic I guess and I ended up having to take out inches of knitting.  Saturday was not easy on the ego.

I debated sitting mired in misery on Sunday, but I couldn't face the thought of wasting the whole weekend.  I forced myself to get out and do something instead. Sunday morning, I joined some ladies to knit and then met a friend for tea at a Sunday farmers market.  I will do both of these again.  What a lovely Sunday combination. What nice air conditioning! 

Tea and conversation with a good friend always soothes a damaged ego and I braved a little more work on my house.  I built a big heavy duty storage shelf and managed to free up a bookcase I was using for video equipment.  More bookcases for books!

My ego is somewhat restored even if I have to reknit 3 inches on the red sweater.  Win some, and some will wait for another day.

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