Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A fashion shift

When I was young, clothes were going from fitted to loose, unstructured and comfortable.  Or at least my interpretation of it. A sort of hippy to the loose looks of the 80's to the point in my life where I just wore what was comfortable.

There has been such a well defined silhouette for the last 15 - 20 years and that has been interesting to watch too.  Me?  I still wear what I feel comfortable in though I have thought about shaping more as I have learned to knit.

There are so many interesting things now, though, loose flowing draping things and I love the look.  

One of my favourite designers, Joji Locatelli is one of the people to watch, who just keeps hitting the right marks as this shift goes forward.  

And then there is this wonder from Churchmouse Yarn and Tea,

River City Yarns is just wrapping up a knit along of this pattern and you should see the results!  It really does look wonderful on every body!

I just keep looking and thinking, me want.  In lieu of time and brain power to knit the big things, I am looking forward to when all this summers moves and changes are done and am lining up the things I want to do.  Its a good thing I don't do a formal Ravelry queue.  The number of projects that I want to start right now is overwhelming.  As the days of low knitting pile up, the want to knit it pile grows and grows and grows. 

I only hope this fashion shift isn't over before I get there because I am going to need 15 - 20 years to get caught up.

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