Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A knitting dream

I am going to work today for a while.  I hope it ends up being a more fun day than yesterday. 

I dreamed about knitting last night.   

I didn't dream of projects, just of actually sitting watching the stitches come off my needles and form, flowing line and rows of fabric.  It wasn't about colour, it was just about the amazing transformation of states of string.  It was about making one step and completing it.  I think that it what I was trying to tell myself.  That one steps completes and another one happens in the flow of things.  I lost sight of that for a few hours yesterday and I think I got it back now but it was the most lovely experience, the most relaxing dream I think I have ever had.  

I hope to actually do it in quantity soon.  Just relaxing restful wonderful knitting.

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