Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Seasonal Wear

I have been wearing a lot of knit wear to work.  In the early spring, I was going for layers and layers on layers.  I was cold all the time and I appreciated the fibre so much.

Now that the weather has become more spring like - actual cumulo nimbus clouds - I find myself loathe to stop wearing knitted things.  They are as they have been for a good number of years now, the pretty in my wardrobe.

Now that it is hot, I find myself reaching for the same couple of scarves and shawls.

This one, this creation from some patterns in books, is one of my favourites, courtesy the yarn.  Ruca is a sugarcane yarn.  An almost rayon fibre with all the drape and flow and cool against the skin properties of regular rayon.  

And this one show up often too.
This is my version of the Holden Shawlette, in Drops Lin, a pure linen.  Linen is the perfect fibre for warm weather wear.

And then there is this one one of my all time favourite designs in one of my personal favourite yarns.

This one is Bitterroot in flaxen.  

These all cling to my neck and back and just flow over me.  I love that in a shawl.  

I know a lot of people don't knit with non wool or animal fibre yarns, and you know what?  They really should try it.  It is just the loveliest thing you can imagine to wear.

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Sel and Poivre said...

They all look lovely and sound fantastic to wear!