Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Convoluted reasoning.

My hands didn't want to work tonight, so I played around with some other things.  Its rather unfortunate, since the wee hat is almost done, but not done enough.  

Aviatrix is such a sweet little hat and this yarn really works wonderfully for it.  but that is not the really sweet thing about Aviatrix.  

It is a class in wraps and how to knit them, and each time I knit one, my wrapping and knitting wraps skills improve dramatically.

I am almost looking forward to the next thing I knit that uses short rows.  Almost.  It will probably still be something garter stitch, though.  You know, so I can avoid any stress from stuff like short rows.  That might not make any sense at all to you but in its convoluted way, it is perfectly clear to me.

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