Tuesday, 3 June 2014

More than one hat

A little fella needs more than one hat.  So grandma is making more than one.

This is the start of an Aviatrix.  Its a fantastic pattern and I love this yarn I am using.  It's perfect for the pattern.  Just the right amount of give and stretch for a not so warm summer hat.  

I got the yarn in a bag buying spree when Elann had a bunch of yarns from a South African yarn company called Elle.  Its is a cotton and wool blend and is the most wonderful colour.  It is the colour of certain kinds of clay that ceramicists use before it is baked, and the colour of a good honest mud in certain parts of the world.  That lovely slate greeny gray.  I love it.

This isn't the last hat this week.  There will be one hat for my Wee Fella in the cotton to match his sweater and then one that it pure play.  I think I am going to recreate a hat from my kids infancy.They had a hat, that was really just in the shape of a stubby T, with the bottom leg, sewn to the 2 corners of the longer cross piece.  Where most times the side is seamed up, the sides are left open.  It was the best hat ever, for days when my wee people needed something but it was too hot for anything much.  And I have the perfect yarn for it.  A nice mid colour indigo dyed denim, exactly the colour of worn jeans.  Perfect for an all together great summer hat. Worn jeans but in a hat.

Wee hats are fun and who says knitting for boy babies isn't fun?  Not me (and if I did, I was so wrong). 

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Sel and Poivre said...

That colour really is lovely. Looking forward to seeing this one done!