Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Baby Things

When my Sweet Thing was born I knit a couple of things before she was born.  This years miasma meant that I did not do anything for my little prince before he was born.  I did knit that blanket for him for his baby shower, but it was a wool blanket and it is going into the hot season. 

Its time grandma knits a little something else.  I bought some lovely yarn to knit another blanket.  
Wendy Supreme, a nice chunky cotton that I worked with a little before. The plan was for a nice striped blanket.  One colour, one stripe, till the 9 balls were used up.  It would have been great.  I even started it.

And then, overnight, it came to me that I really did not want to knit another blanket for him.  What my sweet prince needs is a nice sweater.  Maybe some pants.  

I mean every little fella needs a pair of baby Blu, right?  And a little sweater to go with it?  A nice wee manly hoodie.  

You know, little boys things are few and far between on Ravelry, and They don't usually give you quite the range as girls things do for experimenting and cutsie-ness, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring.  I 

Wendy Supreme will make some great pants and a hoodie to match.  Dark blue pants, and a 3 colour striped jacket.  Cool and just as sweet as he is.


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Brendaknits said...

Having raised two boys, I think little boy things are few and far between anywhere. That's probably why they invented unisex.