Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Sewing lesson

I don't know about anybody else, but sewing pieces of wool together is easy once you get over the idea that you should do it the same way you sew fabric.  

When you sew wool, you need a table.
And then that wool needle you like.
And your project.

Then you match your sides needing sewing up and place your project wrong side down.

You put your needle in from the top and go down under 2 of the strands that go between your chosen stitches.  
 Then to the other side 3 and from the top, go under 2 strands between stitches of the row you areusing for your sewing line.  And then is the part that I used to get messed up on.  

You go back to the first side and back into the same stitch you worked in previously and under the next two strands.  And so on.  Back and forth, leaving your stitching loose so that there is no stress on the yarn.  You can leave it much looser than I have and it will still work.  
And then, when you have worked a couple inches, you take both ends of the yarn you are sewing with and pull till the yarn is firm and your seam is completely gone and it looks like one fabric.

Your backside is going to look like this.

And that is as hard as sewing a seam is in knitting.  

Well sewing mattress stitch anyway.  Which is the only way I would sew it together now.

And then to a baby shower for my wee sweet prince.

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