Friday, 16 May 2014

And modern Grandma.

Yes,   I am here.   I could not post yesterday due to conflicting technologies.  Apparently a Gameboy will sucker the life out of every other signal.  Even now,  I am blogging from my Playbook.  

It's kind of appealing at how deep the layers of technology are in this house.  

There was very little knitting here yesterday.  I had opportunity and time.  I also had a toothache.  That seemed to occupy all my energy.  

This weekend I am going to do at least one day of just sitting and knitting and movie watching.  I really want to get this little sweater going.  I can't wait to see it!  It's already complete in my head.  And it is cute.   A sweet little hood with a little tube knit double knit with a tubular cast off or a long graft for a tie to run through.  And wee tiny chunky cotton jeans.  Or maybe some real denim jeans.  Grandma has a TON of nice denim yarn.  

Grandma feels like going full Grandma this weekend.  She is going to knit for her sweet wee ones and hug each of then and kiss them and snuggle.  A grandma weekend.  Yeah.  That's what it will be.  Only Grandma is going to geek out with the movies.  A little space science fiction.  A little Disney.  A thoroughly modern grandma weekend.  Even if I do that old fashioned knitting thing.

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Brendaknits said...

Ah - but remember. The knitting we do today - it's not our Grandma's knitting.