Monday, 26 May 2014

As I was cruisin' along...

I was.  I really was.  I finished the collar this morning and I started on the sleeve and just when I felt that the knitting was so good that I might be late for work, I saw this.

After the navy comes...yeah.  Not white.  I caught the error and set it down and had another cup of coffee.  I made it to work in plenty of time.

This evening I sat down and for the first time in a very long time, felt energized enough to knit away the whole evening.  Up until now, after work, I make something to eat and go straight to bed, but today I have all sorts of gumption.  I think I must have been short some vitamins or something, because that is the only things I have been doing different.  And I am knitting more than before.  Knitting does have its own charm and that charm is magical, so you never know.

I sat down and knit this up.
I think I will take along some navy when I take it to him just in case the arms need to be longer, but he is such a wee fellow that I am planning for how to roll the sleeves up easily.  (No garter stitch cuff)

Honestly though, this little sweater is so cute.  Impossibly cute.  And I found the perfect hat for with it.  Also impossibly cute.  Baby Sophisticate sweater and stylish little man hat.  They will be so perfectly right together.  Its going to blow your socks off.

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