Sunday, 25 May 2014

A lovely weekend

I was supposed to be in Saskatoon this weekend to celebrate my dad's 85th birthday.  But said root canal and how it is going have made the trip impossible.  More good drugs will be required to resolve the infection for good.  And having a cold, or whatever it is, isn't helping.  My little boys went though and that was great that they could.  I do know, though, that even if it is summer, my wee babe needs a hat.

There will be one out of the nice cotton to match his sweater but I think I am going to make a couple more.  I got some nice blue Zara and I have a soft white a few weeks back that will be very wearable even in summer.

Hats coming up.  

I am just about finished the sweater.  Just a few rows on the collar to do.  I am just waiting for the battery on my device to be charged before I finish it.  I would use and alternate device but that one is, ahem, plugged in as well.  Sigh.  If my printer was plugged in, I would have gone to paper.

I didn't only knit this weekend.  I did a little work outside too.  I don't really have a garden, and my neighbour does the lawn, what little I have.  I don't have a place to keep a mower and if I got a storage shed, I would change how very nice our communal back yard feels.  There is a nice fire pit and they keep flowers out there.  I like that.  (Finally making up my mind not to get a storage shed is such a load off my mind, I have a 6 foot storage box, that will suffice for rocks and camping things and such.)

But I did do this and I am so pleased with it.

Down the road, I might do a little more in the front yard, some beds and such, but you know, this feels good.  Plenty good for now. 

I did some other fun stuff too, like having a really great time clothing shopping.  That never happens and yet today...happened.  
And I picked up a couple things the house really needed, like an iron, and a ironing board and a thing to hang it up with.  

And this. A tool box.
 I was looking for a longer little red tool box.  Apparently those have gone the way of the dodo.  My one from way long ago, is still around but is too small for my hammer and the little electric screw driver set Mr Needles got me shortly before we found he was ill. A woman on her own needs a place for all her tools.  So I got this, because it was a whole lot prettier than those manly grey ugly tool boxes. 

I also got it because it would have made Mr. Needles laugh. Can't you just see my big grown up boys carrying this tool box as they go around helping me with stuff?  Bahahahaha


Sel and Poivre said...

Your porch looks lovely! Summer at last!

Sandra said...

Love your deck - it looks like a fantastic place to knit. And the tool box? Perfection. As much as my guy has every tool known to man, I have my own and he always grabs them because they are handy. If I got this maybe he would stop...

Anonymous said...

Love the wicker chairs. Cheerful.

Brendaknits said...

Your new home looks so pretty. I think it is a perfect solution to smaller accomodation. Not an apartment, not a condo, but not a lot to look after. Perfect.