Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Sophisticated Baby and stuff for the future.

Ta Da!

Isn't that just the nicest little sweater.  I will be making this again.

I didn't start the cute little hat that will match this.  I sort of got waylaid by some other interesting things.  

A fella who is always chilly needs more than one hat, right.  I do have the blue yarn and the soft cream and while they are nice, they are not quite an everything hat.  So I had to go looking for an everything yarn.

I found one in some drops Fabel sock yarn.  Not my beloved Big Fabel, but a regular Fabel sock.  It seems to be one of the more fine sock yarns, but that will be perfect to get my little fella through summer, nice and cosy, without being too warm.  It has a little of the look of good old fashioned jeans, without being just denim.  A little fun and the pattern?  Why an infant sized Slouch Hat.  It will be a nice quick knit and my hands are really looking forward to a finer yarn for a change.

Enough about that.  It will be much more interesting by tomorrow's end.  On to the rest of today's interesting things.

I have been waiting for a large package to come in the mail.  It is quite exciting and I can't wait.  I have ordered a quilt frame.  I wanted one for years and years and with all the wool batts I have deep in the wool room, I decided I deserved one.  I got a card in the mail and I could hardly stand it.

But no.  It was the smaller of the the things I ordered.  I was looking forward to these too but it is just that it isn't the quilt frame.

I get why I got this.
From the moment my Sweet Thing was born, I knew that someday I would clothe her a doll.  I wanted it to be a nice soft body sort of doll and Mary Maxim is the easiest source for nice reasonably priced dolls.  A fully kitted out doll before Christmas.  Deadline knitting and sewing, but it is the fun kind of deadline stuff.

What I don't quite get is these.

These are some little 5 1/2 inch dolls and only heaven knows what is driving my need for these.  But oh my, how I wanted these little dolls.  And they are much cuter than I could have imagined.  5 bucks of pure fun.  Just having them sit there looking goofy is already a huge amount of fun.  And clothing them down the road.  They will be the best dressed babies dolls ever!


Sel and Poivre said...

Wow, what a "To Do" list! Fun coming right up eh? (BTW love the bellies on the plastic dollies!

Brendaknits said...

The sweater is so perfect for a little guy. And the dolls - so life-like, Can't wait to see them with clothes.