Tuesday, 6 May 2014


I am almost done the wee blankie.  I figure if I finish up this wool blankie for my wee babe, the weather is going to smarten up and get warm.  

The knitting is done, but it needs to be sewn together and an edging applied.  Almost done.  I might even make the baby shower. 

Then there will be something new for me.  New or one of those many things that I am in the middle of working on.  Like that black sweater re-do.  Or the red sweater, which I think I am going to restart from the top down.  I am just so much more comfortable knitting from the top down and right now, I need comfortable knitting.  And shawls and scarves.  There are some shawls and scarves that I really would like to work on.  And finish.

I could use a little lace.  Surely there is lace in there somewhere?

I have a lot of yarn and it speaks to me, and even though I would really like to knit with a bunch of it right now, I still have to settle in.  Its going to be just a little more, just a little longer.  Almost.

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