Monday, 5 May 2014

Why I had 3 spinning wheels

I had 3 spinning wheels till yesterday and yet, I do relatively little spinning.  Yesterday, my first wheel, my Babe, got a new home, one that will love it and care for it well and I am glad of it.  Preparing the wheel for sale, reminded me of why I had three wheels in the first place.

I had 3 wheels because fairly early on, I had results I was very pleased with.  There are all kinds of flaws in each roll and skein, but overall, it is pretty good for early spinning.  There was much less thick and thin than I remembered.  

These early Babe hanks, show why I went ahead with the purchase of the Julia.  I wanted finer yarn than this single, and I wanted just a little more control of the out put than I could get on Babe.  I came pretty far before Julia and Victoria came into my life. 

I have an untested lace flyer for Julie and Vicky and I know that there is are a hundred thousand things I could learn on this journey of spinning and I can't wait. 

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