Monday, 12 May 2014


If this was a newscast, this would be the leading story.

There was knitting this weekend.  There was sitting around with nothing earthbreaking to do, but knit.  There was refined sitting around drinking coffee and knitting!  There was also a baby shower, visitors and a lunch, furniture putting together, and box emptying and moving.  

I did only the fun stuff on that list.  Somebody else to did the box moving and furniture building and that is why the weekend was stunningly knitterly.  It gave me time to contemplate my knitting and that is something I have not done in a very long time.

The knitting is moving along splendidly.  

The baby blanket was completed.  There will be pictures as soon as I dig out my camera.  It is lost to the dark bottom of my bag somewhere.  Can I just say, I am starting to like sewing pieces together?  A lot.  More about that later.

I have been working on the black sweater renovation, and it is going very well.  I have just finished working the length.  I added two full inches and am just moving to the ribbing.  I am going to make the sleeves longer by a ball of yarn each, which should, I think, get me 3/4 length sleeves and there will be a ball of yarn left for the button band.  I am looking forward to the finishing.    

But enough for today.  I woke up a little late and I want, no, need to make some time to knit before I zip out to work.

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