Monday, 14 April 2014

Where to begin?

There are always things about the way I proceed doing things that just make no sense to the outside world.  I couldn't find the boxes with my clothes in it, and the few things I had located, were dirty.  I washed once in the old gigantic space consuming laundry pair, and by Friday, when the old pair went out and the new space saving machine arrived, was down to one pair of pants.  It was critical that I find the boxes of clothes somewhere among these piles.

I started by unpacking the books.  Most people would have said that they should be done last, but the physical presence of the books, made it almost impossible to do anything else.    

So I unpacked books.

And unpacked books.

Doubled on almost every shelf.  I need more book cases.  
Then I unpacked the knitting books

and the movies.

I filled the stash room and of course it all fits.
And it looks pretty good too.  All the spinning fiber fits too.  It sits against the back wall just as tidy as could be.  It is a very generous little closet/room.   
 Its a mess though, but I managed to stick all the knitting things in there, every last ball, skein and hank of yarn, ongoing project and everything in between.  At least this way, I don't have to walk around it all.  It is out of the way and ready for me as soon as the rest of the house is done.

By Midday Sunday I was feeling pretty good about things.  I had seen the boxes with clothing.  I could almost reach them, but I was tired.  It had been a very long day.   I sat down to rest.  I did a very little bit of knitting and I had a nap.

And then I wrestled grandchildren for a bit, while Son3 hooked up my washing machine and carried in all the boxes of kitchen stuff from my car.  

So the weekend was a huge success.  I unpacked a ton.  I packed up the kitchen at the other house.  I sorted the stash.  I found the clothes. Successful weekend.

But next move?  I am hiring movers.  


Sel and Poivre said...

It sounds like a very satisfying weekend all around!

Sandra said...

we said that too - the last move was almost 20 years ago and we could get away with a gang of friends and the cost of pizza and beer, and goodies from my work (I worked for SEGA back then...) Now, if we ever move again - pros for sure...
And I knew you could tetris all the stash in there!