Thursday, 10 April 2014

You are not going to believe this.

No possible way you will believe this. I was very confident when I went to pick up shelf clips.  I needed the larger peg.

I was really confident till I got home and tried putting them into the holes on the sides of the bookcase.  That was when I found that no.  I needed the small pegs.

The bookcase still is not filled so there are a lot of boxes around.  But on the up side, the furniture is sorting itself into the right spots and a lot of the things that belong in the big room at the back are now in the big room at the back.  

And there is almost space and time for knitting.  I have to go do a bunch of work at the house this weekend, but I have reserved two times for me.  Friday night I intend to knit and watch old movies on tv, and Sunday, I am going to fill the day with sorting the yarn room and getting the study set up.  

I am really looking forward to Sunday.  There might be playing in the stash.  There might be goofing off with the knitting books. Yes.  I intend to free the knitting books from their long imprisonment! The books will flow to the bookcases and the pretty blue and white china will pop out from its slumber to rest once again on crisp white shelves.

I already have those shelf clips.  I checked.

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