Friday, 25 April 2014

What happened to Thursday?

That is what I want to know.  Seriously, I have no idea where it went to.  I woke up this morning knowing there were Friday sorts of things I had to do, knowing that I am heading to the house to do some cleaning for the weekend, and yet, it had a sense of unreality to it.  It really ought to be Thursday.

I think I forgot about coming to the big back room yesterday.  I was determined to get the kitchen up and running. More or less.  So I worked there and completely forgot about blogging.  I did knit a bit before I went to work.
Not a lot, but some.  I made it to Wednesday night knitting too and I am now done 2 of the 3 strips I need for my little prince's blanket.  So there has been knitting.

I think I am just so wanting to get this moving business done, that I am utterly focused on it.  

The upside to forgetting everything else is that the kitchen is almost in order.  It is not tidy looking but the cabinets are filled.  There still is a pantry to build and my few groceries to put away but I could cook in there if I needed to, without having to crawl all over things.

This new place is starting to feel like home.  It is sort of funny how easily that happens.  In my minds eye, all the rest of the things are done.  I can see books on the shelves, and movies are easily accessible and there is some knitting sitting at the side table and so even though I am a long way from being settled, it feels like home. 

Not far from organized, not far from settled.  With settled comes an ordinary knitting life, and that, more than anything left on this earth to me, is what I need.

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