Monday, 28 April 2014

Still crazy

Still crazy, still here.  And still building furniture.

I finished the table and chairs and I am very very pleased with them.  I was doing really well with the pantry cabinet, till I found I was short 1 nut.  Then all heck broke loose.  That happens when you are short one nut.  I still have one very large piece to go, the daybed.  I think I have to wait a bit to build it.  My hand is a little sore again and if I want to be able to knit, I have to keep it healthy.

Or get one of my boys to build it for me!  Yeah that's the ticket!

I feel a whole lot more positive this evening than I did on the weekend.  The weekend was sadly bereft of knitting but today I got just a little bit in.  It always amazes me how little it takes to feel right again.  

I know that the blog hasn't been very interesting lately, just a long litany of crabby pants, but it is my life right now.  Even if it sucks.

I can see the end of it though.  I can see the things I have to do, and I know where it all is going to go.  Just a few more things, and then back to knitting, back to a nice quiet life.

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