Wednesday, 23 April 2014

So tired.

So tired.  So very very tired. 

I came home last evening intending to cook a real meal and work on my kitchen.  I took a bath and then had the strongest urge to go to bed instead.  I crawled under the blankets around 7 p.m. and slept pretty soundly till 4 this morning.  I turned on a movie and promptly fell back asleep till the alarm went off at my usual wake up time.  I guess I was tired.  I feel that I could still sleep a couple more hours.

I am sitting here, knitting and looking at books, not really doing anything much but finding myself completely inspired an debating yarns and sweaters and what should I knit first.  

I have two that have been on my mind.  Well, more than two really, but the top ones currently running through my head are these:  The Season of Darkness and Winter Light.   I am not a huge fan of the fit of this sweater, but what I love of it is the exquisite leaf pattern.  If you look at this lovely version, there are some very good pictures of the leaf pattern.  That leaf pattern will be mine.  

And the other is this,  the Albero Cowl Jacket.  I have a couple different yarns I would like to knit this in and I think that I can really use this at my new office.  Even on the days when it has been warm, the office is beastly cold.  The lady who is working there now, (the other company is there to the end of the month), wears lots of layers no matter what the weather is. I have a feeling that sweaters will be an important part of my wardrobe. The weight and volume of this sweater will be useful to me.

There is also that pretty red yarn that I am working with, buried somewhere in the yarn room.  And there still is a nice Noro sweater that needs finishing.  And I think there is a summer sweater in there somewhere too.  I have at least 3 on the go and I really do want them finished before I work on yet another.  

Just thinking of sweaters makes my sweater mojo jump into full gear.  It has returned I think and I am not sleepy at all now.  Ready for the day, ready to knit anyway.  

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Brendaknits said...

I vote for the Albero.