Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Me and Billy

Me and Billy.  We are a pair.  I have built so many of these Ikea shelving units I could almost do them in my sleep. I knew I would need more bookcases but I don't think I fully realized just how many built in bookcases we had at the house till now.

The two really hard pieces, the pantry and the daybed are left to build and there still is a dining table and chairs to purchase before I am done.

All the things I am building are storage of one kind or another.  Building this last bookcase means that I could start unpacking the study.

I am going to unpack and get the boxes out of here and then, when there is time, I will sort and order and turn it from clutter and stuff to pretty displays and china amidst books and vases of needles.

It is so long since I was surrounded by the comfort of my things.  My books!  My cheap blue china.  My yarn.  About the only thing I had access to for the last 6 months was my yarn but there really wasn't an place to unpack and play with it. The first really quiet day?  I am going to play in the yarn!  

Just unpacking my knitting library the other day, made me feel very very inspired.  I can't wait to start a sweater.  Something cozy to snuggle into on those bright early morning coffee times on my pretty deck.  A sweater really is a luxury of time, you know.  A sweater has always been a must knit, a basic piece of clothing that would not be yours unless you knit it.  It was necessity.  In this modern era, a sweater is usually what we fit in around everything else.  Yes a sweater is a luxury of time and I intend to spend some of my precious quiet hours knitting one.  

Very soon.  First, I have to finish building the furniture and getting rid of the boxes.  Billy, I am so over you.

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Sandra said...

Love Billy bookcases - I have many here.