Friday, 7 March 2014

What I have been up to

It has been a very busy week.  New job starting, home search ending.  Yes, that is what I have been up to this week and I am very happy to say it is done.

 Yes it is a modular home.  In a modular park.  I know that there is a stigma that hangs over these homes and I just want to say there shouldn't be.  This is the view out my back.
 Seriously, how can you not fall for that.  Just open the gate and I am in the park.  There is a bridge across the water to the side where the kids playground is.  What grandma wouldn't fall for this feature?
It is bright and sunny and the way it is situated, towards the front of my small lot, the early morning sunlight will be mine.  It is airy and light and feels like a place I can come home to at the end of a day and be happy to see.   

It is not so many months ago, that my goal for life was to never ever have to go to the city ever again (unless it was for yarn).  Oh so suddenly everything changed, and I was looking at condos and townhomes and small houses on streets with barely a garden at all, tunnels to someone so used to open spaces like me. City was just not my dream.

Here, I am outside of town and just a little bit separate from the rush and fuss, in a small community of about 1500 souls, only 3 minutes away from all the big stuff I could ever want and only 10 minutes, one in either direction, from two  yarn stores.  I will be 20 and 25 minutes from my kids which is more than I can say now.

I still have a tiny bit of a yard, and I can, if I choose, have a small bit of garden and flowers to surround me.  I can still have a slip of lilac from Pete's old border (a childhood neighbour) and I have a lovely deck to sit on the sun in the mornings and shade in the afternoons to sit and sip tea and read and knit .

Yes, I still have to shovel snow. My dining area is smaller than I would like, but perfection is really overrated and well do I know you can't have everything.  I choose the sunlight and open air and I am good with that.

Its been busy and will be busier as the possession date grows nearer, but I am so looking forward to it and feel energized and very very good.  


Anonymous said...

:) GD

Christine said...

It is so beautiful, and I am so happy for you. Hope to get a chance to sit on that porch and knit with you!!

Brendaknits said...

I think it seems perfect. I was surprised at how much I liked trailer living when Fred and I purchased a summer trailer on a lake near our grand kids. It seems a care-free lifestyle to me. I predict great happiness in your new home. And I too will make sure I come to sit and knit IF I ever get out your way. PS - where is the snow?

Sandra said...

Congratulations! It looks lovely and perfectly suited to this stage of your life. My Mom has a "trailer" in Florida - other than the linear nature of the house, it's hard to call it anything but a house and home. If I ever get out west, I look forward to some tea and knitting on that deck with you.