Thursday, 6 March 2014

I can feel it

I knit a measly 2 rounds on my socks yesterday. 

My hand ought to heal fast with so little knitting.  Or would, if I could stop using the computer mouse.  To make sure it does heal, I am going to start using the brace I used last summer when my hand was bothering me when I am at the computer.

My lack of knitting is really starting to hit me.  I get tetchy.  Yup. Irritably peevish or sensitive.  Tetchy.  What a great word.

It really does describe that feeling when your whole body is ready to explode with the need to knit.  It won't though so you have to focus on behaving in a manner that is acceptable in whatever polite society one might find oneself in.  

Until then cool stuff other people have found will have to do.  A friend of mine linked to this little treat from Ravelry.
The Big Bang Theory from Allison Hoffman on Ravelry.  Because seriously you must.  

For all those other little things, Allison is your go to girl as well.  Dr. Who, anyone?  

Well, it thrills this closet geeks heart, anyway.  Sigh. The only thing I need now is more hours in the day and a hand that is sound and healed.

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Sandra said...

SO SO SO adorable! I'm not going to make them, but I really want to!