Monday, 10 March 2014

And a finished thing!

I finally managed to come to the end of the sock yesterday.  I am so thrilled.

I don't know about anybody else, but finishing things is a really important part of my knitting.  I know that some people are deep into the technique and don't really find that finishing a pair of socks is a big deal.  It is the making of one and the way you get there that is the bigger part of the experience.  

I love that part of the path, but I must have a finished object at the end.  Particularly with socks.  I like knitting them.  I love wearing socks in general and beyond a doubt, I am enjoying wearing these socks from bits and ends a lot.
Tickles the fancy of my inner cheapskate!

I am still in love with the idea of knitting from the bag of bits and pieces too. I seem to have displaced the bag somewhere or other.  If I could have found it yesterday, I would have started the toe of the next sock. 

There is just a little time to knit before it is time to check in to work for the day so I am off.  This morning I am going to focus on the black sweater.  A few more rows to make it longer, and then a bit of a steek to deal with the excess width and finally, a zipper to install.

Maybe one more finished object before the yarn finds a new home? If not, then finishing here with a sock seems just about right. 

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