Wednesday, 19 March 2014

I think it is working

I made an executive decision and started something new, just like I said I was going to.

But it is not going to be stripes.  I am opting for squares so that it feels like I am working on a scarf.  There will be a cream border around the edges, though If I go and get some more yarn, the border will be blue.  The debate rages on whether I will work it together or leave it in strips to be sewn together.  A good case can be made for both techniques.

I am using this as the perfect opportunity to sort out my knitting back technique. It is going well, though it is going to be a while till I learn how to sort out gauge.  There are a few loose rows there at the start, oddly enough from knit rows, but that is sorting itself out.  If I focus on keeping my usual tension on the knit side and then just work back focusing on keeping the tension even across the row, it looks just fine.  I do seem to have a tendency to start the knit back row nicely and tighten up as I near the end of it, but like I say a little slow and a little focus and it seems to be settling down.

   It really does relieve the hand stress and I focus on keeping everything nice and loose.  After a whole square, my sore hand still feels normal.  

I just have to re-learn how to knit without the stress.  Who knew?



Sandra said...

love the squares idea. And when you find the secret to relieving stress, share, willya?

Brendaknits said...

Knitting and stress are two words that you wouldn't expect to say in the same sentence.