Tuesday, 18 March 2014

And sock done

And time to move on.  I have started the toe of the next one, but my thoughts are past this and are hungry for something different.

I have in mind to knit a blanket.  Something sweet for my wee peanut.  Something that can be washed and worn and tossed about through the spring.  Something that baby can use through these early days and weeks without excessive bundling, that will carry him through his little boy days.  Spring is a season when you can easily have too many layers but you still need something to snug around you.  In truth, even summer nights in Canada require a nice warm blanket most of the time.  

I have a chunky wool on hand, a superwash called Inca from Fibranatura.

I bought this thinking spring blanket for baby.  I admit to being beguiled by the blue.  It isn't a royal sort of blue, more that chalky blue from your pencil crayon set, the one that got used less than almost any other blue.  Not pastel at all, but something more of earth and I like that.

Part of me worries about it being too heavy for a spring blanket and wants cotton, but there are no cottons in my stash in this blue and this blue is what I want.  Just a simple stockinette knit a just a little relaxed ought to be as spring like as anything.  

It is time to knit something a little relaxed.  Everything I am knitting feels so firm, or rather my grip on the needles is so tight that the whole experience of knitting it feels tense.  I know that this is just the point I am at, this few last days between home and something new, or is it a new home and someplace old?  Limbo, perhaps, but there is a tension running through things and I desperately need to knit.  

So onward to a blanket for my new peanut.  A great project to be getting on with and a bit of a break from socks that make me knit too much.

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