Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Unhappiness plucked

This is going to be a thing post.  Not a happy thing, but it ends much nicer than it begins.  Just a warning should you not need this sort of thing in your day.

I am not going to be fun this morning and I am not even going to pretend that I am.  I just spent 8 hours with the most negative person I have ever met.  

The last two evenings I was supposed to be learning the ins and outs and quirks of my new job. What I was doing was sitting, waiting in a deeply, fundamentally, cigarette smoke infused room, while things that ought to have been done months ago, were being done.  Two nights in a row, I did not get home till 10:30 p.m. , when all that should have been needed was a quick couple of hours to update me on where things were now, to have her email everything to me, pack up the documents, and said 'sayonara'.

So today, my goal is to be done with the negativity from that experience, and to wash my sweater, shawl, and clothing to rid it of any lingering fumes (and trust me, there are lingering fumes) and to see what treasures I can pluck from my own brand of unhappiness. 

I have always thought that there is something to be learned from everything we encounter in our lives.  I suspect my lesson here is going to be about the fundamental difference between the deep and forever sorrow my world is filled with, which is a negativity of loss and subtraction of a deeply beautiful and important soul, in my life, and the depressing negativity I have been so recently surrounded with, which is an attitude.

Really, for a lesson, it isn't such a bad thing, I suppose.  Clarifying that lesson, has in fact, been very positive.  Understanding the lesson seems to have set my head back on my shoulders the right way and everything feels just a little brighter.  That little bit brighter is a treasure indeed. Unhappiness plucked indeed!

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