Monday, 27 January 2014

Just for fun

As usual for me lately, make a plan and that isn't the way things went. Things went OK though and I had a lot of fun.

I knit on the little red sock.  That needs to be done for this weekend.  It is upstairs right now so I can't show you, but it is long enough for his foot.  Not a lot of knitting left and soon enough, it will be time to start the duplicate stitch.

I did not knit on the green sweater, but that was OK.  What I did right after picking up the sweater was just fine with me.

A couple weeks ago, I knit a hot water bottle cosy.  If you recall, I started to use some Zara but there wasn't enough and I had to find other yarn.  In order to get to the green sweater, I had to pick up the Zara and that is where my fingers stopped.

To be specific, my finger stopped on the dark green and the pretty print.

When I originally purchased these yarns, I was thinking mittens or wristwarmers.   The colours were just perfect for two row stripes. (I must have been knitting two row scarves right about then, because the red and brown Zara were bought for the same thing.) One touch and I thought, 'This was so pretty and the yarn was fun to work with...I should play with a mitten.'  What needles size would be right?  I found some 3.5 mm needles right there by me on the table so away I went.

Almost before I knew it,     

this happened.  I didn't have a pattern.  I wasn't thinking of knitting a pattern really.  I just wanted to see if I enjoyed knitting mittens as much as I do socks.

I know a couple of ladies who love to knit mittens.  One loves to knit them because it is hard to find mittens that fit her long slender hands. That is where it started anyway, but she knits them for her whole family and she makes the most fantastic things.  

The other loves to knit the complex wonderful mittens that Latvia and Estonia and other knitting cultures have made but she is not about the product at all.  She loves the process of  learning and reproducing.  The pair is not so important as the understanding of how it was made. She almost always ends up with only a single mitten or glove but what a mitten!

And the answer for me?  Not really.

I did knit the complete mitten, and I can see me doing it again sometime, but not this mitten.  Two row glove stripes drove me batty and I really only finished because I promised myself that I wouldn't have to knit a second glove.

The exercise was fun though.  And that was enough to be getting on with.

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Christine said...

Thank you for calling my hands "long and slender" instead of "giant man hands" which is what I usually call them. You are a good friend!