Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pretty Socks

Sometimes when I am buying sock yarn, I buy a yarn because there is only enough for one sock.  Having only 1 skein forces you to use your wits.

That is what happened when I bought this yarn.
I loved the colours.  They are just so me.  That soft brown, the mottled grays.  Just perfect even if there was only one ball.  It would be perfect with some black.

And so it is.

 See?  Just perfect.
I really love how these are coming out.  I don't know if your monitor is really capturing it, but mine sure isn't.  The black is just the perfect foil and brings out the black undertones in each of the other colours.  All I am doing is adding a few rows of black when the colours change.  

Perfectly pleasing wouldn't you say? Sigh.  I am in love with these socks.


Sandra said...

perfect. Love how the black is framing that one perfect reddish tone.

Brendaknits said...

Those colours are so me too. Great creativity you show in pairing it with the black.

Jessica Stevens said...

Mommy Needles they are just beautiful

Christine said...

I love this. Brilliant idea. One to keep in mind next time I'm using a self-striping yarn. For mittens though. No socks for me!