Thursday, 23 January 2014

I feel my Spidey senses tingling

Yaaaaaaay, there has been actual knitting on the spidey socks. 

 It looks powerfully red here.  In life it is much richer.

I have opted for doing the colourwork as duplicate stitch.  I know I am weeny-ing out here but I don't want to do the colourwork on the soles, and for this design to look really nice, the colour work on the foot is important.  I wasn't sure if he would like the feel of the colourwork on the soles.  

It is his first pair of handknit socks and they have been told that wool is so itchy. Since I don't know his feet and they may be the sweaty kind of feet, I want to be safe and make them as light as possible.  It helps that the red yarn is a cotton, wool and nylon blend. 
But there is also the thought that I did not want to have my first socks for him be such a challenge.  I am not really into big challenges right now.  It seems I have enough of a challenge just making it out of bed most days!  And I didn't want something I have so long admired to be something knit when I am under such stress.  

I have been thinking for a long time, to the point of doing a lot of sock yarn purchasing aimed right at colourwork socks.  I have books just for the colourwork socks in them.



that is a lot of sock books devoted to following patterns for somebody who doesn't follow patterns at all.  I also have this book,

which I bought specifically to help me get over the sock patterning issue. To date, other than the one pattern I knit from this book, monkey socks are still the only pattern socks I have made.  Even on this one sock, I did the toe and heel my way. 

What really started it all was this book,  

and all the fabulous colourwork mittens out there.  I don't have this book (how that is is beyond me) but I have a deep and abiding passion for these socks.  

which have tiny birds going up the front of your calf.   I am certainly going to get the book once I have a little more fiscal stability.  In fact, this book may very well be a sign that this blog is once again fiscally stable! 

Till I saw this book and these birds socks, I didn't think I would knit colourwork socks.  Admire them, yes, Knit them, no.

And yet I will knit some.  Oh yes they will be mine.  At some far off future date, though.

And for Christine, the Noro in the Shalom is 214 Kureyon and looks even better in real life.  I am so pleased with it.

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