Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Running late

I'm running late this morning.  In a lot of ways running late is old hat and yet it all feels very very new.  For the last 30 years I have sort of prided myself on not being late and now that I am on my own, I seem to be late for everything.  I just run late.  

Mr. Needles used to get irritated that I asked over and over again what time it was. I would ask 3 or four times in a row and even when I knew I asked before, I had to ask again.  Perhaps this need to ask, is inversely proportional to being late.  

Anyway, I take it back. Pride goeth before the fall and well, I have fallen.  It wasn't me not being late, it was him making me not late.  I am sure that up in heaven he is laughing about this. Sigh.  I hate wearing watches. 

I have completed the forever cast on and have knit a few rows.  I hope this works out because I loved the way it all happened.  The corners are perfectly rounded and are just so, and it forms such a lovely little edge.

In much bigger news, there were two sweaters sitting around here waiting for the finishing touches.  I am blocking both and they soon will be ready to wear. To refresh your memory and mine, A Shalom in some very pleasing colours,

and a knit based very loosely on a Jane Ellison design, but winged in every way shape and form.
These are pictures in their unfinished state, one completed just before Christmas and one just after.  They both need ends woven in and they need buttons and closures, which I have but they are substantially complete, and that is what counts here at Chez Needles.

I usually get photos of the finished items in their rough state the day the knitting is finished, but as you see, the pictures of the finished articles are late.  

See what I mean.


Christine said...

Refresh my memory even more: what yarn is that in the Shalom yoke? It's very beautiful. Can't wait to see both of these in person!

Brendaknits said...

I love the colours of both. I think you and I were separated at birth when it comes to colours.