Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Watching the news

You know how some things you watch on tv seem unimportant and far away?  

Well there are things going on right now that are coming into my home.  My Daughter1 is from Ukraine.  She left her country for her husband, not because she wanted to leave her nation.  Watching her go through this from afar, watching her anguish for her countrymen, for the peace and orderly life of her people is hard.

We are watching some live tv from Ukraine, a publicly supported station much like PBS, that does things on the ground, and on the cheap, but it is the most incredible coverage.  They are a force that the government does not control and has not been able to shut down and are doing a fantastic job of keeping people informed.

The situation in Ukraine is sad.  You have a president and ruling party that thinks they can do anything they want, defying the laws of the land.  They think they can put their people and their nation back in the box of oppression.  I don't think they know their people.  Whatever else this is abut, it is about this.  

The people are not going to go so quietly into the night, they are going to stand firm and see right happens.  They have not worked so hard to get where they are to go back.  My Daughter calls the Orange revolution kindergarten in comparison to this.

It has been brutal in some instances.  People she knows, people I know from their wedding have been beaten just for being there and recording the events, while doing their job as a journalist.

And that makes my heart hurt.  

In knitting, I have finished cowl 1 and have moved on to cowl 2.  It is brown and green and not nearly as exciting to knit.  The colours are there, but they are muted in comparison with the other.  Pictures tomorrow when there is enough to really see how it is going.

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