Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Brioche that actually gets finished!

I spent the day knitting on the Brioche project.  All of a sudden it is almost wide enough to be called complete. (The colours are absolutely true on my monitor.  Interesting stuff, yes?)

Even the longest middle eventually comes to the end.  It is about 8 inches wide and I have a little more than a  ball and a half of yarn left.  I am thinking of calling it wide enough and calling it a day and using the rest of the yarn to make some simple wristwarmers for the recipient.  

My question is, is it wide enough?  I have used 4 and a half balls of yarn and I love the way it looks now. It isn't going to drown the owner when it is doubled and close to the face.  No one will look swallowed by the knitting in this width.  In a wider cowl, you might.    I worry though that the young lady I am making it for will think it hopelessly odd because it is too narrow.  When you read Ravelry, most of them are 8 inches wide, but look much wider and I am the last person on earth to know what stylish young ladies are about.  

Anyway, I am going to knit a few more rows, and then cast off.  It will be what it will be, I suppose.  

The yarns colour placement is odd and yet, it never came close to pooling.  It looked like it would be headed there, but then completely changed spacing. I am very pleased with the way it looks in this Brioche knit.  It is an unusual combination of colours and if she doesn't like it, I still have the other yarn to fall back on.  its is brown and greens, a more traditional colour blend.   

Who knows if it is going to work the same, but I sure am happy to play a while and figure it out!

It will be Brioche again for this second colour.  Even though it seemed as if it would never grow, it knit up fairly quickly and was a lot of fun.  Brioche might be my technique of note for '14.

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Brendaknits said...

Good for you. Brioche and I don't play well together.