Thursday, 12 December 2013

Hidden Riches

Nothing stays the same for long as we all know.  And so the blogger moves from things of sorrow to things of ...well not yet joy but things that please her.

Cowl one, finished though not blocked and ends not woven in.  I love the way this turned out.  I was not at all sure I liked the colours in this yarn.  They were so very different than what it looked like when I bought them (Oh the perils of purchasing online) and yet, in Brioche stitch, the colours look really very nice.  I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

Here is cowl two of these yarns I am indifferent to.

Up front, this yarn was much more pleasing, though still very different from the online colours.  The warm greens and browns felt nice.  In Brioche stitch though, the colours disappear.  It is almost too blended, too much the same.  Though my monitor shows strong pips of a warm blue green in this photo, up close and personal, it is a forest green and it blends so closely into the browns that you cannot see it is there unless you really look close.  Across the very well lit library space I was knitting at last evening, the two greens in this colourway were not visible at all. Still, it goes on and the knitting will not stop till the yarn is all used up.  Not everything is perfect.  Perhaps it is more a case of hidden riches.

So too in life.  Hidden riches. 

Not that I keep these guys hidden!  They are my riches.  They are my wealth.

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Anonymous said...

Safe in her Daddy's arms. Such a good place to be. GD