Friday, 13 December 2013

A little Christmas present

I decided that I would buy myself a Christmas present.  Not one that I needed but one just for fun and just because.  I already had some things that could be seen to be Christmas presents for myself, like the chair I bought so that I no longer had to push with my toes to keep me from falling out of my computer chair (Brian's chair did not go low enough for me) or the moving dolly I bought because I am so darn tired of carrying boxes or waiting for the boys to move the heavy stuff for me (I have a couple more moves in me, I am sure so it just makes sense)

So what to get when I don't want more stuff and don't want to buy more yarn (not till after I move and settle somewhere new.  Well not unless there is a yarn emergency) and want something that is fun?

You buy yourself a book.  Sure you have to move it but a book is not 'stuff'.  A book is a passport to something wonderful. A book is captured memory.  A book is a close companion on the days when a close companion and a cup of tea are all that you need. Which probably explains how it is that I have eleventy billion boxes of books.

In my various gooffing off on Ravelry, I came across some things that were from the newly published 'Lace One Skein Wonders' by Judith Durant.  A new One Skein book?  Time to check it out!  I have all the other knitting One Skein books she has written and edited and each of them has enough things in it that I will knit and use, that this book seemed a natural fit.  I am so pleased.

It has socks and delicate little things for your wrists.  It has plenty of lovely scarves.  It has hats and tams, and full blown shawls and stoles and baby things and the cutest little baby dress you will ever see, and dainty little household accessories and things that are knitted and a few that are crocheted...big breath...but where it really shines in my eyes are the cowls.

Sure cowls are the hot thing right now, but these are lovely little things.  Dainty and not so dainty, long, short, very open laces, small wee laces, Mobius and not twisted, end to end and bound off together or knit circular.  You want a lace cowl, you will find one that you love in here.

It feels as if I have not bought a book for myself for a while.  Most of what I have bought lately is electronic, which works for me in many ways, but some books are meant to be paged through and contemplated upon and pondered over in a way I just can't with an electronic book. This is one of them.  All for the price of a mere 20 dollars.  It is a lot of fun for the bucks.  No, I don't really need it but it is lovely to have.  A Christmas treat.

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Brendaknits said...

Hee Hee. Great knitters think alike, I guess, since we both bought book gifts for ourselves this week. Have fun with yours.